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A Connection was successfully established with the server SSL provider...

Kailash Chandra Behera | Sunday, October 11, 2020
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This blog helps to fix this issue(a connection was successfully established with the server ssl provider) that occurs when an application tries to open a connection to a SQL Server. In my previous blog, I have mentioned in detail why this issue occurs. To know more details about the issue visit my previous blog.

Getting Started

To resolve this issue first uninstall the windows patch which does not contains the leading zero fixes for TLS_DHE. Below are the list of windows update that do not contains the leading zero fixes for TLS_DHE.

  • Windows Server 2016, version 1607 servers that do not have the patches KB 4537806 and KB 4540670 applied.
  • Windows 10, version 1507
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7

Then confirm the following points.

  1. First check whether the server name or alias of SQL server is set correctly.

  2. Check whether TCP/IP protocol is enabled on the client side and SQL server side

  3. Make local connection first to determine whether the problem is SQL server itself or the network layer.

  4. Check whether the SQL server Browser service of SQL server starts normally.

  5. Ping the IP address of the server where SQL server is installed to see if it works, and test whether the port number of SQL server listening is enabled.

  6. If step5 fails, check the firewall configuration to see whether the corresponding port number is opened in the firewall

  7. Check whether the local connection and maximum connection Numbers are set correctly in the connection property of the database instance.

  8. you need to check your SSL and TLS settings. The settings between the client and server should be somewhat consistent. Updating to a build that supports TLS 1.2 might resolve your issue. For more details.

Windows versions that do not contain the leading zero fixes for TLS_DHE


I hope this content helped you the understand the error and you able to sort out your problem. Again I hope that you have enjoyed it a lot.


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