Restore Database to Microsoft Azure Blog

Kailash Chandra Behera | Saturday, June 13, 2020


In my previous blog, we discussed how to backup database from Microsoft Azure blog storage. Here we will discuss the step by step process to restore database to Microsoft Azure Blog.

Getting Started

Let's say we have 'TestDB' database which will be restored to the Microsoft Azure storage container( from a backup located at 'D:\' drive. The SQL Server credential for the Azure container has already been created.

Let's say a SQL Server credential for the destination container must already exist as it cannot be created through the Restore task. The 'TestDB' database does not currently exist on the server.

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio, connect to an instance of the SQL Server Database Engine.

  2. In Object Explorer, expand that instance.

  3. Right-click Databases and select Restore Database....

  4. On the General page, select Device under the Source section.

  5. Click the browse button to open the Select backup devices dialog box.

  6. Select File from the Backup media type: drop-down list.

  7. Click Add and the Locate Backup File dialog box opens.

  8. Navigate to 'D:\', select the backup file and then click OK.

  9. Click OK to return to the General page.

  10. Click Files in the Select a page pane.

  11. Check the box Relocate all files to folder.

  12. Enter the container,, in the text boxes for Data file folder and Log file folder.

  13. Click OK.

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In the above, we discussed the step by step process how to Restore Database to Microsoft Azure Blog, I hope you have enjoyed it.