How to enable net tcp in windows IIS

Kailash Chandra Behera | Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Here in this blog, we will learn to enable net TCP protocol in Microsoft IIS to host website or to host web service. the HTTP default protocol what IIS (internet information services) supports and to enable the NET TCP protocol for the IIS hosting website little extra IIS server configuration is required which is easy to do.

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How to enable NET TCP in Windows IIS

Getting started

When the TCP/IP protocol was first introduced, only a small number of application protocols made use of it. TCP/IP used port numbers to differentiate between applications by assigning a unique 16-bit port number to each application protocol. For example, HTTP traffic today is standardized to use TCP port 80, SMTP uses TCP port 25, and FTP uses TCP ports 20 and 21. Other applications using TCP as a transport can choose another available port number, either by convention or through formal standardization.

Above are the small introduction about NET TCP protocol, let's start to enable TCP. Before continuing this you should have knowledge of windows server hosting, what is website hosting, and how to host website on IIS.

Follow the below steps to enable the NET TCP protocol in IIS (internet information services).

Steps to Enable net tcp in windows IIS

  1. Open Control Panel=>Programs=>Click on Uninstall or Change a Program=> Click on Link ‘Turn Windows Features on or off’.

  2. Windows Features window will be opened, expand .NET Framework Advance Service.

  3. Expand WCF Services=>Select All the Features HTTP Activation, Message Queuing (MSMQ) Activation, Named Pipe Activation, TCP Activation, TCP Port Sharing. Click the OK button.

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    How to enable NET TCP in Windows IIS

  4. You will get a message popup, close the window (Clicking on the close button), restart your machine, and follow the below steps.
  5. Then open Windows IIS=> in Connections panel=> expand Sites=>Select your website.

  6. Go to Right site Action Pane=> click on Advanced Settings.

  7. Expand the ‘Behavior’ section In the field ‘Enable Protocols’ set these below values by commas, (http,net.tcp,net.pipe,net.msmq,msmq.formatname).

    website servers iis t

    How to enable NET TCP in Windows IIS

If you have followed the above steps correctly, then you are done Now and you will find the above protocols in the binding window, like the image given at the top of the blog.


We have discussed all the steps and iis server configuration to enable the net tcp protocol in Windows IIS. These will useful to host web service and host a website. I hope you have enjoyed it a lot.