Create Virtual Machine in Azure Portal

Kailash Chandra Behera | Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Here we will discuss how to create a virtual machine( VMs) on Azure cloud to take RDP to the VM and install the IIS web server for windows azure development.

Getting Started

Azure virtual machines (Azure VM) can be created through the Azure portal on azure storage. This blog provides guidelines to create VMs through a browser-based user interface with their associated resources.

Before continuing this, make sure that you have Azure subscriptions if you don’t have Azure subscriptions, then visit this site where you will get the azure virtual machine pricing( azure VM cost) details. Follow these below steps for Azure VM Create.


This demonstration shows you how to use the Azure portal to deploy a virtual machine (VM Create) in Azure that runs Windows Server 2019 to take RDP (Azure RDP) to the VM, install the IIS web server for windows azure development, and will see how to connect to your VM from a Windows computer.

  1. Azure VM Create Steps
    1. Go to Azure portal and sign in, click here to open Azure Portal

    2. In the search, type virtual machines, The Virtual Machines will be listed out under service, select Virtual machines.

    3. You will be redirected to Virtual Machine page, in the Virtual machines page, click Add.

    4. In the Basics tab, under Project details, make sure the correct subscription is selected and then choose to Create new resource group. Type myResourceGroup for the name.

    5. Under Instance details, type myVM for the Virtual machine name and choose East US for your Region, and then choose Windows Server 2019 Datacenter for the Image. Leave the other defaults.

    6. Under Administrator account, provide a username, such as azureuser and a password.

    7. Under Inbound port rules, choose to Allow selected ports and then select RDP (3389) and HTTP (80) from the drop-down.

    8. Leave the remaining defaults and then select the Review + create button at the bottom of the page.

  2. Connect to Azure VM

    The steps are for those who want to connect the virtual machine from Mac, if you are on windows then for you the process is the same as you connect to there RDP connection.

    1. Download the Remote Desktop Client from the Mac App Store.

    2. Click the Connect button on the overview page for your virtual machine.

    3. In the Connect to virtual machine page, keep the default options to connect by IP address, over port 3389, and click Download RDP file.

    4. Open the downloaded RDP file and click Connect when prompted.

    5. In the Windows Security window, select More choices and then Use a different account. Type the username as localhost\username, enter password you created for the virtual machine, and then click OK.

    6. You may receive a certificate warning during the sign-in process. Click Yes or Continue to create the connection.


In the above, we say how to create Windows Azure Virtual Machine(Azure VM) on azure storage for azure development on Azure cloud and how to connect it. I hope you have enjoyed it a lot.