LAN (Local Area Network)

Kailash Chandra Behera | Wednesday, December 30, 2020


The computer networks are classified depending on their geography and their component role, the LAN (Local Area Network) is one of the types of network among the computer network.

This article describes, what is a local area network, types of LAN with examples of local area network.

Getting Started

The local area network means, A computer network having local area connections between devices over a relatively short distance. It is a privately-owned network covering a small geographic area that is less than 1 km.

The examples of LANs are office, school, home, building or group of buildings usually contains a single LAN, though sometimes one building will contain a few small LANs(perhaps one per room) and occasionally a LAN will span a group of nearby buildings.

In addition, the LAN network is also typically owned, controlled, and managed by a single person or organization as operating in limited space.

What Is Local Area Network?

LAN in computer networks(Internet Local Area Network) is a group of computers and associated peripheral devices connected by a communications channel, capable of sharing files and other resources among several users.

It transmits data with a speed of several megabits per second the transmission medium is normally coaxial cables.

In the local area network connection, one computer is designed as a file server which contains all of the software to control the network to shares resources among the devices

Types of Local Area Network

LANs are classified as below according to the methods used for sharing data.

  1. Ethernet:- It is a network protocol that controls how data is transferred over a local area network.
  2. Token Ring:- It is a type of local area network in which all devices are connected in a ring arrangement.
  3. Token Bus:- This is also a type of Local Area Network developed by IBM.
  4. Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI):- It is a LAN standard used for data transmission via optical media.


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