Components of Computer Network

Kailash Chandra Behera | Saturday, December 26, 2020


When two or more computers are connected with each other is called a computer network. The computers are interconnected to each other through cable, fiber optics, etc with a set of common protocols. To form a network several components are required, these components are called computer network components.

Here in the article, we will discuss what is a computer network and what are components are used to forming a computer network.

Getting Started

Going forward in this article we will discuss all the components of the computer network, before that, I like would to describe what is computer network? A computer network is a group of interconnected computers, the main goal of the computer network is to share resources like data, printers, and scanners, etc.

Network Components mainly comprise of both hardware(network hardware devices) and software components(operating system, protocols). There are different components of a network, if we discuss all the components one by one then we will never cover all the components. Here we will discuss here the basic components of computer network

  1. Server:- In the networking, the server is a powerful computer that provides service to the computer called the client computer. It also provides a human interface to users to use the interconnected computers in the network.

  2. Client:- A computer that uses the services that a server provides. The client is less powerful than the server in the network.

  3. Nodes: - it is also a computer in the network which are provided to the users to carry out their tasks using the network.

  4. Media:- A physical connection between the devices on a network.

  5. Network Adopter:- It is a circuit board with the components necessary for sending and receiving data. It is also called the Network Interface Card(NIC)./P>

  6. Network Operating System(NOS):- it is a collection of software that handles the tasks to control network activities.

  7. Resources:- Anything available to a client on the network is considered as a resource.

  8. User:- Any person that uses a client to access resources on the network.

  9. Protocols:- A network protocol is usually an agreed-upon or standardized set of rules used for transmitting data or establishing communication between them.


We had discussed what is computer network, the network hardware components, and network software components. I have you have learned and enjoyed it a lot.