Installing NodesJS in Windows

Kailash Chandra Behera | Sunday, March 04, 2018


The blogs demonstrate to download nodejs and install NodesJS in Windows Machine. This demonstration conducted with OS Windows 10 with 64 bit.

Getting Started

To install NodeJS in your Windows 10 machine, follow the below steps. here as I have a 64-bit OS machine, I have downloaded a 64-bit setup file.

Guidelines to install NodeJS

  1. Visit to the site, check latest nodejs version and download nodejs necessary binary files (In our example, download the 64-bit setup files) and wait for complete.
  2. After successfully downloaded ,double click on the downloaded .msi file to start the installation. Click the Run button in the first screen to begin the installation.
  3. The NodeJS setup window will appear, click the "Next" button to continue with the installation.
    install node js windows

    latest nodejs version

  4. The license window will appear ,accept the license agreement and click on the Next button.
    install nodejs ubuntu
  5. The next screen is destination window where installation path is mentioned, as we are new to this we will note change the destination path. Click on the Next button to proceed ahead with the installation.
    install nodejs raspberry
  6. In the custom setup winodw, accept the default components and click on the next button.
    install nodejs
  7. The ready to install window will appear , click on the 'Instll' button.
    npm install
  8. The installation process will continue wait for complete , after completing the process the Complete Window will appear. Click on the Finish button and you are now done with.
    download nodejs

Guidelines to verify instructions.

To see if the NodeJS is installed, open the Windows Command Prompt, Powershell, or a similar command-line tool, and type node -v. This should print a version number, so you’ll see something like this v0.10.35.

node js version check

node js version check


Here in the above, we saw how to download the latest nodejs version and install node js windows,also saw the corrent site to download nodejs. I hope you have enjoyed it a lot.