Overview of Angular CLI

Kailash Chandra Behera | Saturday, March 10, 2018


In this blog we discuss what is Angular CLI in Angular5 and will demonstrate how to install it.

Getting Started

The Angular CLI makes it easy to create an application, it is basically a command line interface for Angular. it allows to general building blocks like Angular components just typing out the command lines.

It also makes code really shine. Runs unit tests or end-to-end tests with the breeze of a command. Execute the official Angular liner and run clang-format.

Installation Angular CLI

To install Angular CLI, the node.js and npm are required. To install node.js click here, when you completes node.js installation the npm also gets installed. To verify the version of node.js and npm use below command lines and you will get the result like the below image.

Command Llines
 node -v  
 npm -v  

Use the below command line to install Angular CLI. It can be installed for a local or global level in a machine.

To add this package to your local machine, type the below command line into your command line.
 npm install @angular/cli  
To add this package to globally , type the below command line into your command line
 npm install -g @angular/cli  
You’ll notice a node_modules directory appear in your root like below images where the package is now installed.

After the process gets completed successfully , your are done with the Angular CLI installation and to verify use below command line.
 ng -v  
If there is no error while installing you will get result like below image.